7 Widespread Car Ac Problems And Solutions

7 Widespread Car Ac Problems And Solutions

Luckily there are only a few easy steps that may assist you with diagnosing your car with a non-working AC. Not only will they help you diagnose the problem, however they may also help you’ve a better grasp on the workings of your automotive’s AC system, leading to a restore that’s not solely speedy however accurate. I was thankful enough to still have the ac working within the front of my van.

why is my ac not working in my car

This is completed using the airflow that comes through the front of your automotive as you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some type of particles from the road, then will probably be unable to correctly cool the refrigerant and your car’s system will proceed to operate with overheated refrigerant. This will quickly cause the A/C unit to solely expel hot air.

Why Is My Automotive Air

Failed Clutch Switch – If this component is not functioning, the air compressor might be unable to function, thus preventing it from condensing the liquid refrigerant into fuel. Blocked air intake – Vehicles have two areas the place air enters the vehicle. One is where air enters your automobile via vents by the decrease half of the windshield and the other is the air that’s recirculated from contained in the cabin. If both of the air consumption areas is blocked from a clogged filter or different particles, your vents may blow little to no air.

  • Examine the entrance seal and the o-ring sealings on the pressure switches in case you have them on the back of your compressor.
  • It will work when you stand up to speed and blow out cold air or warmth but if you’re simply idling nothing at all blows out.
  • Compressor rattling or banging and drive belt slippage are all signs of excessive AC pressure.

The micro organism from airflow mixes with the condensation from the coils, creating a slimy movie on the A/C fins and producing a moldy scent. After time, the film builds up and might clog the drain line. The drain line is a rubber hose that begins in the evaporator heater box, goes by way of the floor, and to the undercarriage to remove extra moisture.


If the clutch cycling change is the offender, the electromagnetic clutch won’t engage, the refrigerant received’t pressurize, and the system received’t operate. The compressor is commonly one of the best place to begin when making an attempt to resolve an AC downside. To check out the compressor, turn on the engine and adjust the settings for optimum cooling. You can do this by making sure the center part that engages and disengages the pulley is working. Check the associated fuse/relay, after which diagnose the motor itself by way of physical inspection.

If your automotive’s AC isn’t blowing any air, you will want to get auto AC repair, with repairs wanted for sure parts. It could be incredibly frustrating if you flip in your car on a sizzling day only to seek out that air isn’t blowing through the vents. There are a couple of explanation why your air conditioner may not be blowing any air whenever you flip in your automotive. When children are travelling in the automotive playfully they might switch on/off the AC switches.

No 2: Your Cooling Fans Are Damaged

You’ll also want to check the cabin air filter to make sure it’s not blocked or broken. Next, examine all the system pressures using a manifold gauge set. Check the AC unit’s guide for really helpful pressure settings to make sure everything is operating correctly.

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