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Power towers – which details actually matter

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Home gyms can take a while to build up, but once they’re done, they truly become a lifestyle investment. One of the best items to purchase for your gym is the power tower. Usually tall and slim, these will fit into any little empty corner you may have.

Providing a huge array of potential exercises, they really have it all. With just a little help from a personal trainer, a workout manual, or the internet, your workout will become as varied as you want it to be.

All you’ll require when purchasing one of these is the product itself. There are no potential add-ons, which will improve the usability—just you and the power tower.

Hopefully, with a little help from this article, you can decide whether a power tower is for you. If so, I’ve given my top five for any home gym.


Quick Product Roundup

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Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack

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418Ybm5AFyL. SL160

Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

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Goplus Power Tower

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What is a power tower?

The power tower is a slender addition to your gym, for a variety of exercises using only your body. These exercises include, but aren’t limited to, pull-ups, dips, knee raises, press-ups, push-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, and body twists.

It will certainly improve your balance, stamina, and core stability, as well as your gymnastic skills. Generally, if you’re looking to improve your confidence in working with your own body, this is ideal.

Some of the exercises you can do with the power tower can be found in this video.

What to kook for in the best power tower

The power tower has a few factors that can make or break it. Below are my top features to look out for when purchasing one for your home gym:


Price can often be a big factor in deciding what gym equipment to purchase. Luckily, some really good power towers can cost just a few hundred dollars. For such a versatile tool, it really is worth it.

Generally, they range between $100 and $450, but you can get some really good power towers at the lower end of this spectrum. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the most out of your money.

Frame Strength

Unlike the power rack, which must hold, for example, barbells of larger weights, the power tower is a little different. It must only be able to hold your entire body weight, so as long as you’re not a very heavy bodybuilder, most should be fine.


Knurling is the extent to which you can grip your workout bars. It’ll be listed as light, medium, or aggressive, and is usually attributed to barbells and other weights. However, this is also important for power towers, as you’re required to do gripping exercises, such as pull-ups.

Usually, men will require a lighter grade knurling, as they typically have larger hands. However, if you’re a woman, or simply have small hands, you’ll need a firmer, more aggressive grip.

Most power towers, although they don’t specify the knurling, will come with adjustable grips. This will allow you to tailor your own power tower for yourself.

Durability and Coating

Many of the available power towers have a fantastic steel frame. This ensures it won’t rust and should be sturdy and reliable for a long time.

Some power towers will even provide a nonscratch coating. You can really rely on these to withstand your workouts over the years.


Warranties can vary greatly: some are only provided for 90 days, others for 6 months, and a few for several years. This is probably not something worth obsessing over. Although the power tower can be costly, most of them cost much less than a year’s gym membership.

Therefore, it’s a really great investment. Even if the warranty is short, it shouldn’t be a problem. Like a good laptop or phone, it will last for a few years, and then you have it repaired or buy a new model if it breaks.

The Three best power towers

So now you know what the power tower is all about, you’ve got to make an informed decision. If you are ready to purchase one, here are some of the best you can buy.


Best power towers



Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack

Check Prices

Our Overview

For a full body workout, this easy-to-assemble power tower even includes tools to aid you. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, it’s relatively heavy duty. It’s designed for seven or more exercises so will make a versatile addition to your home gym.

The Gravity Fitness power tower also has nonslip rubber feet, so you can rest assured it will not shift underneath you. It is also extremely sturdy and won’t wobble around during use.

Generally, the product is super slim, so it will fit well into any home gym. In fact, reviewers have said it looks exactly as it does in the picture. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not knowing what you’re buying.


  • Heavy duty
  • Slim design
  • Easy to assemble
  • High weight capacity


  • Doesn’t have a very diverse number of workouts



Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

Check Prices

Our Overview

This heavy duty power tower holds a maximum weight of 400 pounds. This is one of the highest weight capacities of most power towers on the market.

The Fitness Reality is aesthetically pleasing. The backrest and forearm cushions afford maximum comfort and bodily support. Furthermore, adjustable grips tailor your power tower for you.

With a coated steel tube frame, you can trust that this product will last for years to come. Moreover, the two adjustable handlebars mean that you can adopt seven mounting positions for a multitude of exercises.


  • Higher weight capacity than other power towers
  • Adjustable grips and bars
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable use
  • Coated steel frame


  • Larger than others
  • Much more expensive



Goplus Power Tower

Check Prices

Our Overview

With a solid steel, S-shaped frame, you can be assured that this power tower will remain sturdy. Finished with a nonscratch coating, it will also maintain its looks over a long period of time.

Similar to the Fitness Reality power tower, this product has comfortable, nonslip handgrips and cushions. These assure a less intense training session.

With a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, it is not the best of the bunch we are reviewing. However, for the cheaper price, you get what you pay for. It still allows you to complete an array of exercises. These include push-ups, chin-ups, and sit-ups.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Slim design
  • Comfortable cushions
  • Nonslip grips
  • Nonscratch coating
  • Steel frame


  • Lower weight capacity


 My Choice for Best Power Tower

My favorite power tower from all the given products reviewed has to be the Merax power tower

This comes in around midrange in the pricing of our review items. Although it handles a little less weight than some of the others, it will work for most people.

Furthermore, with the addition of a boxing ball, this one takes your workout to a whole new level. In fact, this is probably the most versatile power tower of them all, reducing boredom during exercise.

A power tower is a small investment for a big reward in your home gym. With such a variety of potential workouts to try, this will make a fantastic addition.

Now that I’ve highlighted the key aspects of power towers to look out for when purchasing one for your home gym, you should be able to select the ideal one for you.

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