Hi, I’m Ryan, and this is my site.

I started Paleo Physicality to share my love of a tough, but grounded in reality lifestyle. I believe that vibrant health and a robust sense of physicalness is possible but not necessarily easy. Many of the principles to get there are simple but require will power and an unusual ability to say no to life’s modern temptations. It’s a tough journey and one I fail at regularly, but one that brings me a deep sense of fulfillment  that is usually described in essays https://manyessays.com/

This is a large part of my life and something I really enjoy. I won’t be the expert on every topic though, so I will be asking others for help writing some of the content. The buck stops with me though regarding the content on this site and its quality. I am looking to bring together enough outside knowledge to create a resource for myself and to share it with you along the way.

Here I am at the inaugural WOD on the Waves journey in January 2019 meeting a couple guys I really look up to, Josh Bridges and Pat Vellner.

Three men wearing training gear standing with their arms around each other smiling

And this is me at a strongman competition I entered at The Foundry CrossFit gym in Chicago back in 2018

A man carrying heavy bar weights with a man and a dog and a lady in the background

Here I am at the Galt Games in Chicago from April 2019

A man standing behind a set of weights with a man standing next to him looking to his right

About Paleo Physicality

The focus here is on building a sustainable lifestyle – not a diet or a 12 week program. We’re looking to create habits that will shape our lives for years to come. Along the way that can certainly lead to weight loss, or strength gains, or changes in your physical appearance. However, this is not a “weight loss” site or a “get in shape” site.

I created this to provide education and inspiration to live a rich and robust life of physical health. The content will come from a belief in clean eating, in rigorous physical activity, and in moving our bodies through space in as many modalities as we can.

Modern Living

Our modern lives afford us many luxuries from advancements in medicine, nutrition, and an understanding of our bodies that puts our ceilings far higher than our ancestors. However, we are also afforded the opportunity to blow it all. Sedentary lifestyles, hobbies that restrict our movement, and foods that hurt our bodies abound.

I don’t believe in perfection. The guidelines on this site are tough to hit. Some days you won’t be feeling it, and that’s ok. Other days, you’ll feel like you’re truly thriving and that your commitment to discipline is having tangible impacts on your quality of life.

I’m here to support in your journey on your good days and your bad, as well as to provide a resource to realign yourself to when you’ve veered too close to the standard western diet and lifestyle.