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Ronnie Coleman: History in Fitness

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Here’s a brief outline of Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman’s professional and personal life:

  • 1964: Born.
  • 1975: Began working on his body.
  • 1986: Graduated from Grambling State University.
  • 1989: Became a police officer in Arlington, Texas.
  • 1990: Won Mr. Texas (Heavyweight & Overall)
  • 1991: Began his career as a professional bodybuilder.
  • 1995: Won his first professional competition at The Canada Pro Cup.
  • 1997: won the Russian Grand Prix.
  • 1998–2005: Won IFBB and Mr. Olympia titles for consecutive years, along with many other achievements.
  • 2006: Was beaten by Jay Cutler, and finally lost his Mr. Olympia title.
  • 2009: Finished his professional career.
  • 2011: Established his own line of products.

Known as the greatest muscleman ever, Ronnie Coleman is a professional American bodybuilder who won the title of Mr. Olympia for eight consecutive years and retired in 2009 (1). He also held a record for 26 wins as an IFBB professional and has a rich competition history (2).

This article is a brief story of his life, accomplishments, and workout plans:

  • Ronnie Coleman age: 56 years old.
  • Date of birth: May 13th, 1964.
  • Height: 180 cm / 5 ft 11 in.
  • Weight: 135 kg / 297 lbs.
  • Instagram: @ronniecoleman8.
  • Profession: Retired professional bodybuilder.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Nickname: The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), Big Ron, King Coleman, Mr. Olympia.

About Ronnie Coleman

On May 13th, 1964, Ronnie Coleman was born in the Pelican State, Louisiana.

When he was younger, Coleman had a rather bulky figure compared to his peers and was always working hard to enhance his size and strength.

He started working out at the age of 11 and continued his bodybuilding efforts during school, college, and even after university.

In 1986, Coleman graduated from Grambling State University (GSU), with a degree in Accounting (3). But instead of becoming an accountant, he decided to become a police officer in Texas.

Since the police station was equipped with a private gym, Coleman got the chance to continue his training. After a while, he joined the Metroflex gym at a co-worker’s suggestion.

Joining the Metroflex was his first step toward entering the competitive world. At the suggestion of Brian Dobson—the owner of the gym—Coleman went on to compete in the Mr. Texas bodybuilding contest.

After winning first place in the heavyweight and overall categories, he won several other titles, including the NPC Texas Championships and Mr. Universe (4)(5). The victories allowed him to join the professional contest of IFBB, and start his professional journey.

In 1995, Coleman won his first professional competition at The Canada Pro Cup. The victory was a headstart for Coleman to win the Russian Grand Prix and a record eight Mr. Olympia titles afterward.

For the first time in his professional life, the eight-time Mr. Olympia was finally beaten by Jay Cutler in 2006. After placing fourth in the 2007 competition, he bid farewell to his competing journey and never participated again.

Here’s a list of Ronnie’s most significant contests:

  • 1990 Mr. Texas: 1st place.
  • 1998–2005 Mr. Olympia: 1st place.
  • 1999–2000 Mr. Texas: 1st place.
  • 2000 Grand Prix England: 1st place.
  • 2001 Arnold Classic: 1st place.
  • 2001 New Zealand Grand Prix: 1st place.
  • 2002 Grand Prix Holland: 1st place.
  • 2006 Mr. Olympia: 2nd place.

With a net worth of over $10 million, Ronnie is one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time (6).


Ronnie Coleman’s Training Program

In his era, Coleman was The Hulk of the real world, but he hadn’t developed his massive body overnight. The bodybuilding legend used to perform three sets of about 20 reps with enormous weights.

He trained five times a week, and he usually mixed up his exercises to avoid concentrating on one part of his body. He also knew the value of a few days rest for training, and always took a break on weekends.

In the prime of his life, his workout program was like this:

Monday—Legs and Calves

  • Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets,15–20 reps (7).
  • Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets,15–20 reps (8).
  • Leg Extensions: 3 sets,15–20 reps (9).
  • Standing Leg Curls: 3 sets,15–20 reps (10).
  • Single Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets, 15–20 reps (11).
  • Seated Calf Raises: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Barbell Squats: 3 sets, 10–15 reps.
  • Barbell Hack Squats: 3 sets,15–20 reps.

Tuesday—Back and Triceps

  • Bent-Over Barbell Rows: 3 sets, 10–15 reps.
  • Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extensions: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Lying Tricep Press: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Lying T-Bar Rows: 3 sets, 15–20 reps (12).
  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Dip Machine: 3 sets, 15–20 reps (13).


  • Smith Machine Overhead Shoulder Press.
  • Side Lateral Raise: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise: 3 sets,15–20 reps (14).
  • Front Dumbbell Raise: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.

Thursday—Chest and Biceps

  • Barbell Bench Press: 3 sets of 15–20 reps (15).
  • Barbell Incline Bench Press: 3 sets,15–20 reps (16).
  • Decline Barbell Bench Press: 3 sets,15–20 reps.
  • Barbell Curls: 3 sets,15–20 reps.
  • One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 3 sets,15–20 reps (17).
  • Alternate Hammer Curl: (3 sets,15–20 reps).


  • Barbell Squat: 3 sets,10–15 reps (18).
  • Single Seated Leg Curl: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Standing Leg Curls: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Barbell Hack Squat: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Leg Extensions: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.
  • Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets, 15–20 reps.

Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

Ronnie Coleman’s Nutrition Program

Since no exercise is complete without a proper diet, now it’s time to elaborate on Ronnie Coleman’s nutrition program.

Other than having superhuman physics, Ronnie was also known for his superhuman appetite. “I put on … between 5 and 10 pounds of muscle a year, and that came from all that heavy lifting and a lot of eating, a lot of eating!” says Coleman in an interview, adding, “It wasn’t a lot to me, but if someone normal tried to eat it, it would probably be a lot.”

He used to eat around 5000 calories each day in order to fuel his strong, enormous body. Coleman usually consumed staple foods that are essential for bodybuilding. These include eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, chicken, lean beef, and vegetables.

However, when he revealed his body fat level in a podcast program of UFC, everyone was shocked. Despite eating about 2 kilograms of chicken a day, the bodybuilding legend had a body fat of 0.33 percent—an incredibly low number that blew every listener’s mind.

Remember that you shouldn’t follow his nutrition program unless you’re undertaking his training plan at the same time.

Here we show an example of Coleman’s daily diet, but for someone with a regular workout routine, consuming this many calories is not the best choice.

  • Calories: 5562
  • Fats: 150 grams.
  • Protein: 546 grams.
  • Carbs: 474 grams.

First Meal (10 AM)

  • 6 tablets of BSN Nitrix (3–5 g of Arginine).
  • ¾ cup grits with cheese, 2 cups of egg white, 1 cup of coffee.

Pre-workout Stimulant (12:30 PM)

  • 6 BSN Betalin capsules and 3 tablets of Axis-HT right after breakfast.
  • 3 scoops of NO-Xplode right before exercise.

Post-Workout Supplement

  • 2 scoops of Cell Mass, or 1 serving of other BCAA supplements.

Second Meal (4 PM)

  • 1 chicken breast, 1.5 cups of red beans, 1.5 cups of brown rice, 2 slices of cornbread and water.


  • 6 capsules of BSN Beta-Alanine and 3 tablets of Axis-HT (Arginine).

Third Meal (7 PM)

  • 2 chicken breasts, 1 baked potato, a glass of water.

Fourth Meal (10 PM)

  • 250 g filet mignon, 140 g  chicken breast, 1 baked potato, 120 g of side french fries, and a glass of pink lemonade.

Post-Workout Supplements

  • 2 scoops of Cell Mass at midnight (1 serving of BCAA).
  • 4 scoops of BSN Lean Dessert protein mixed in banana ice cream milkshake at 1:30 AM.
  • Vitamins C, E, a multi-mineral, ZMA, DHEA, and calcium supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ronnie Coleman Married?

Ronnie Coleman is married to a personal trainer named Susan Williamson, and they now have four children. Before Susan, Coleman got married to Rouaida Christine Achkar—a French-Lebanese trainer—in 2007, but they got divorced shortly afterward.

Where Can I Find Ronnie Coleman on Social Media?

Coleman appears on almost every social media platform. You can find Ronnie Coleman on his Twitter account,  Instagram account, and YouTube page.

What Happened to Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie Coleman is suffering from chronic injuries to his hips and back. He has undergone 10 surgeries, including two hip replacements and many back surgeries. According to the latest Ronnie Coleman 2019 updates, the legendary bodybuilder is back to training.

What Does Ronnie Coleman Do for a Living Right Now?

Since his retirement, Ronnie Coleman is now running his own supplements company. He sells products for burning body fat, post-workout, and pre-workout supplements.

How Tall Is Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie Coleman height is 5 feet 11 inches or 180 centimeters.

How Rich Is Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie Coleman is among the richest bodybuilders in the world. His net worth is well over $10 million.

In addition to the money he made from his bodybuilding career, he has many other sources of income. Coleman has his own line of products (19)(20). His Instagram account boasts more than 24,000 followers, and he works with various popular brands to promote their products.

What Is Ronnie Coleman’s Age?

Born on May 13th, 1964, Ronnie Coleman now is 56 years old.

Is Ronnie Coleman Paralyzed?

As a result of a lower back injury, Coleman is paralyzed for the moment. He said he “may not be able to walk unassisted again.” He’s been through a series of surgeries, and despite spending millions of dollars, he’s still restricted to a wheelchair.


Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. He won an impressive eight Mr. Olympia titles and claimed victory in the International Federation of Bodybuilding professional 26 times.

He worked so hard for what he achieved, but what he did is not impractical for others. We looked at his nutrition program and workout routines for anyone who dreams about being like him.

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